Are there costs associated with Fine Focus?

No, getting print issues is free, and there are no page charges on manuscripts accepted for publication.

How does the article review process work?

Once you submit your correctly formatted manuscript to us, it will be sent out to two expert reviewers (members of our Editorial Board) in the subdiscipline/specialty area covered by the research. This double-blind review process will determine the overall acceptability of the science, novelty of results, etc., usually within four weeks. The designated corresponding author will then be notified of the final Editor’s decision by email, which will also contain all reviewers’ comments. Upon final acceptance, the paper is scheduled to appear in the next issue.

What kinds of papers can get published in Fine Focus?

Original research in any area of microbiology is eligible as long as at least one of the coauthors was an undergraduate student at the time the work was being completed. The substance of the research should focus on one or more aspects of any microorganism, or a topic in microbiology education.

How many issues per year are published?

Two – one in January and one in July of each year.

Is this an online-only journal?

No, Fine Focus is both a print journal and online.

What are the submission deadlines?

The manuscript submission deadlines are March 30 for the July issue and September 30 for the January issue.

What format should I use to submit a paper?

The full instructions to authors can be found under the Submissions tab. Correctly formatted completed manuscripts are to be submitted electronically through the Open Journal System (OJS) to ensure confidentiality and proper management of your paper through the peer review process.

Who runs this journal?

Fine Focus is managed by Dr. John McKillip, Ph.D., at Ball State University, and run by a group of interdisciplinary undergraduate students. All aspects of graphics, marketing, website maintenance, and peer review are handled by these undergraduates under the direction of Dr. McKillip (although the peer reviews are actually completed by external members of our Editorial Board – see a list of our experts here).

How long has Fine Focus been in publication?

Our journal was started in the Fall of 2013, with the first issue out in the winter of 2014.

Is Fine Focus affiliated with any professional societies or organizations?

Although we are not financially supported by any organizations, we receive in-kind support from the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and have also received acknowledgments from the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).

Is this a regional, national, or international journal?

Fine Focus is an international journal, with representation on our Editorial Board from several countries outside of the U.S. including Canada, Iceland, the Philippines, and Thailand. Each issue contains multiple articles from international undergraduate students as well.