WHAT IS Fine Focus?

 We are an international journal dedicated to showcasing undergraduate research in all fields of microbiology. Fine Focus is managed entirely by undergraduate students from production to print, but utilizes an external editorial board of experts for double-blind peer review of manuscripts.

Undergraduate students can submit microbiology research by going to finefocussubmissions.org.
Microbiology professors and other professionals can become involved with Fine Focus as reviewers.

We are the first microbiology research journal for undergraduate students.

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We publish original research by undergraduate students in microbiology.

This includes works in all microbiological specialties and microbiology education.

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We are a web and print journal dedicated to showcasing the research of undergraduate students, internationally, in all fields of microbiology. Fine Focus is managed entirely by undergraduate students from production to print.

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We are a nonprofit journal and rely on donations. Help us out!

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We hope you are familiar with with Fine Focus. We strive to continually improve the way we operate and it would be beneficial if you could provide us additional feedback by completing our brief survey. Your responses will allow us to improve the submission process as well as other aspects of our journal so that we may continue to maintain a high quality product. Once again, thank you for your time and involvement with Fine Focus.

Consumer survey (for those considering submitting a manuscript or those interested in undergraduate research)

User survey (for current and past authors)

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Advisor Dr. John McKillip
Ball State University
call: +1-765-285-8820
email: finefocus@bsu.edu
Fine Focus is an immersive learning class.